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A Prayer of Adoration




Now, the people who are saved and baptized by total immersion in water, in the name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the Holy Spirit are the members of the church of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST. They are the believers of this church. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the head of the church. The members of this church are the members (organs) of the immensely holy body of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. As they are the organs of the immensely holy body of the LORD, they are the very same body of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Thus, when they use medicine, they are using it to the body of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF, since they are the very same body of JESUS CHRIST. Many believers of the LORD are not aware of what a terrible and treacherous sin it is to use medicine to their bodies. The believers of HIS church, the saints and the righteous must live by faith. They must believe in the LORD with their whole heart and live in total faith on the LORD. From the holy scripture of the LORD, anyone can clearly understand that the just (the righteous) will live by faith.

“Now the just shall live by faith: ...”
Hebrews 10:38

The true believers of the Beginning church, the Christian church of the first century lived by faith. The true believers of the 21st century also live by faith. The true believers of our church, the continuing Christian church of the first century also live by faith. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!        
The LORD JESUS CHRIST has bought HIS believers at the cost of HIS immensely holy flesh and blood and HIS glorious life. Therefore, the members of HIS church, who belong to the LORD GOD HIMSELF must glorify GOD with their body, spirit and soul (I Corinthians 6:20). They must always glorify GOD also with the works of their most holy faith (Jude 20). GOD's most holy name should never be blasphemed by them.

“What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? can faith save him? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”
James 2:14, 17-18, 20, 26

Apostle Paul did not take any medicine or remedy to counteract the effects of the deadly poison when bitten by a venomous viper (Acts 28:3-6). Another time, the Jews from Antioch and Iconium beat, tortured and stoned St. Paul to death and left his body outside the city and went away. But, soon he rose up, as if nothing had happened to him and came into the city (Acts 14:19-20). He lived always by faith (Hebrews 10:38). He healed the sick and cast out devils. 
When a believer of GOD or a member of HIS church uses medicine to his/her body, he/she uses medicine to GOD's immensely holy body itself. When a believer uses medicine, his/her evil act blasphemes the most powerful and the most holy and the most glorious name of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST. It tarnishes HIS most holy and wonderful name. The believer who undergoes medical treatment without understanding who he/she is and what his/her body is, causes great grief to the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST. Hence, he/she should not forget that his/her deed is a great sin and treachery liable for terrible judgment and hell, the fiery lake of burning sulphur.

GOD made man in HIS image (Genesis 9:6; Colossians 3:10). David, the psalmist says,

“I will praise THEE; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: …” 
Psalm 139:14

GOD whom no one can see, manifested HIMSELF in flesh and revealed HIMSELF to mankind.

“…GOD was manifest in the flesh, ...” 
I Timothy 3:16

Do you (the believers) know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from GOD and you are not your own? (I Corinthians 6:19). So man has no authority over his own body. The human body is intended to be dedicated, consecrated and kept sacred for the LORD and HIS Word to abide in the human heart.

We must also realize that our body has an important role to play in bringing honour and glory to GOD. In the regenerated or the saved man, his spirit must always please GOD and his body should not rebel against GOD and his flesh should not revolt against GOD. Carnality should not raise its ugly head over anything that the Spirit of GOD wishes to do.
We know how physical pleasures try to reign supreme in the lives of human beings. With some people money becomes a god and with some others drink becomes a god. But, as far as pleasure is concerned, almost everyone wants to experience and enjoy it. So, no wonder many become unsuspecting victims of Satan, the devil and his minions and indulge in vile passions, perpetrating moral degradation and perpetuating evil-mindedness. Nowadays with many, many people the Media, that is, TV series/show/programme, cable/satellite TV, computer, radio, the Web, the Internet, magazines, and the newspapers become gods. With some people novels become gods.
Many people give a lot of importance to how they look. Is there anything wrong about it? Yes, there is. In their effort to look pleasing, they tend to err. A garment maker's advertisement says, "Dress makes a man". It is true that we need clothes to look decent. What we wear should be clean and simple. Wearing gaudy and motley coloured dresses to attract the attention of others should be avoided. There are people who make an idol out of their fashions and dresses. This is a modern way of idol worship.

Using cutex or nail polish, lipstick, costly dresses, festal apparels, fine clothings, gorgeous apparels, transparent dresses, perfumes or jewellery to entice and lure others is the sin of vanity of life and the lust of the eyes. The lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life are sins (I John 2:16). By making these sins appealing to Adam and Eve, Satan caused the fall of the human race (Genesis 3:1-6).

It is absolutely essential that we must give due importance to physical cleanliness and external appearance. When we come to worship the LORD on Sundays or other days, we keep ourselves tidy and neat and wear a decent but simple clean dress that will in no way draw the attention of others to ourselves. Suppose, a man has to attend a prayer meeting immediately after the sweat and toil of his day's work, he may use a very light or mild body deodorant to make himself presentable. Body odour (BO), the smell of the human body, especially of sweat is usually regarded as unpleasant. So, deodorizing of unpleasant odours is not sin. Using a sweat freshener to rid of unpleasant odours is not sin. No one can object to that; so far, everything is all right. But if he, wantonly or deliberately uses a strong pungent perfume with a view to getting cheap recognition from others in the fellowship or church, then he is erring and this is certainly to be condemned. So, the motive is very important.

When we have specific instructions in the Word of GOD about what is good for us, we have to abide by and obey it implicitly without attempting any exemption or explanation for relaxation or compromise of the command. In the Holy Bible, we come across several 'touches', such as the unclean touch (Leviticus 5:2-3; Isaiah 52:11; II Corinthians 6:17), angelic touch (I Kings 19:5, 7), queenly touch (Esther 5:2), cleansing touch (Isaiah 6:7), healing touch (St. Matthew 8:3), blessing touch (St. Mark 10:13-16), Satanic touch (I John 5:18) and the sex motivated touch. The last one, we find in I Corinthians 7:1. It says,

“…It is good for a man not to touch a woman.”  
I Corinthians 7:1

On this basis, touching a woman or shaking hands with her is a sin. We should not bring in the cultural background to justify greeting with a hand-shake as permissible. Let us not forget man-woman relationship is where spiritual focus is often severely tested.
Similarly a woman having her head not covered in an assembly is committing an offence against GOD-given ordinance (I Corinthians 11:5-16). When the Word of GOD declares a particular action as sin, it is a sin and abomination. There can be no rethinking about it or arguing against it.

The Holy Bible says of a few indispensables, a few absolute essentials without which we cannot be spiritually alive. To be precise, we can glean seven important absolutely certain declarations from GOD's Word. Four of these are from Hebrews and the rest from James, I Corinthians and the gospel of St. John.
1.  Propitiating Blood:
“…Without shedding of blood is no remission (there is no remission).”   
Hebrews 9:22
   2.   Pleasing Faith:
“But without faith it is impossible to please HIM: …”   
 Hebrews 11:6
3.  Paternal Chastening:
“…Without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.”  
Hebrews 12:8
     4.   Practical Holiness:
“…Holiness, without which no man shall see the LORD:”  
Hebrews 12:14
     5.   Proving Works:
“…Faith without works is dead also.”  
James 2:26
     6.   Possessing Love:
“…And have not charity (without love), I am nothing.”  
I Corinthians 13:2
     7.   Providing Power:
“…For without ME ye can do nothing.”  
St. John 15:5

Are your actions meant to glorify GOD? Should you not be a model to others? As a child of GOD, should you not glorify GOD? Should you not reflect and radiate HIS glory in whatever you do?

“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the LORD, and not unto men.”   
Colossians 3:23

The believers or the regenerated or the saved should not defile their bodies. They should be wholly holy in their spirit and soul and body (I Thessalonians 5:23). They should always reflect and radiate GOD's glory in whatever they do. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!


Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, on the night HE was betrayed, gave to HIS disciples an important promise. 

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on ME, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto MY FATHER. And whatsoever ye shall ask in MY name, that will I do, that the FATHER may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in MY name, I will do it.”
St. John 14:12-14
The above promise of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST has not yet been fulfilled.
The one who believes or the one who has the faith on the LORD JESUS CHRIST will do what the LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST has done in this world, when HE was in this world; and he will do even greater works or greater things than HE has done in this world, when HE was in this world. This most wonderful promise of the LORD JESUS CHRIST has not yet been fulfilled by anyone in this world. A man who believes or who has the faith on the LORD JESUS CHRIST will fulfil this important promise. One man will fulfil the above wonderful promise. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!  
All the promises of GOD are in HIM to the glory of the LORD GOD, by the ministers of GOD.

“For all the promises of GOD in HIM are yea, and in HIM Amen, unto the glory of GOD by us.” 
II Corinthians 1:20
‘Yea and Amen’ mean surely and certainly all the promises of the LORD GOD will be fulfilled by GOD.

From the holy scriptures, we come to know that the LORD GOD has power to do what HE has promised.

“...What HE had promised, HE was able also to perform.” 
Romans 4:21

For the fulfilment of the promise of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST all believers of the LORD must wait and continue with one accord in prayer and supplication. In full belief, they should ask GOD. they should ask GOD in faith, with no doubting.

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”
St. Matthew 21:22
“But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering (not doubting). ...”
James 1:6

What was the promise about the anointment with the Holy Spirit ? How was the promise fulfilled ?

“And, being assembled together with them, (JESUS) commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith HE, ye have heard of ME. For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost (the Holy Spirit) not many days hence.”
Acts 1:4-5
“These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of JESUS, and with HIS brethren.”
Acts 1:14
“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven (divided) tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost (the Holy Spirit), and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”
Acts 2:1-4

Thus, for the fulfilment of the wonderful promise referred to in St. John 14:12-14, all believers must wait and continue with one accord in prayer and supplication. They must be consistent in prayer.  They must pray unceasingly. They must be clear-minded, self-controlled, and watchful in prayer. Praying for the fulfilment of this important promise of the LORD JESUS CHRIST is the duty of all believers. This is a mandate given by our LORD JESUS CHRIST to each and everyone of the believers. So, let us commit ourselves with a gladsome mind and devote our time and energy and endeavour wholeheartedly to fulfilling this important duty and responsibility by obeying this order and commandment of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to pray continuously, day and night with fear and trembling.
During the fulfilment of this wonderful promise, the whole world will see the great wonders of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST and the strange happenings, until now not happened; the whole world will overwhelm with amazement and the whole world will come under the glorious salvation of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!


In the divine revelation of the sun-clad woman, the glorious church of GOD and its great enemy, Satan, the devil are described in Revelation 12:1-6.

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:” 
Revelation 12:1
“And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.” 
Revelation 12:2
“And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.” 
Revelation 12:3
“And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.” 
Revelation 12:4
“And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto GOD, and to his throne.” 
Revelation 12:5
“And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of GOD, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.”  
Revelation 12:6

Now, a church or congregation is a structured body of believers. There was no such church before the time of Abraham-the father of all believers (Romans 4:16). Abraham was the first official head of the congregation, which was the nation of Israel. The nation of Israel was the only congregation that existed in this world until CHRIST came to die for our sins.

During the Old Testament period, GOD's relationship with Israel was close and intimate. GOD lavished HIS blessings on Israel but they repeatedly displeased HIM. So, HIS wrath fell on Israel. The northern kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians and the southern kingdom of Judah was destroyed by the Babylonians. They were in captivity for a long time. Then a remnant came out of Babylon, returned to Jerusalem and the nation once again gradually came into existence. GOD recognized it as HIS congregation. Thus Israel continued to be the external representation of the kingdom of GOD on earth until the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The era of national Israel has come to an end and the glorious era of the New Testament church has begun. We have received a supreme blessing from Israel in our LORD JESUS CHRIST and let us thank the LORD for this glorious and precious gift. Many passages in the Old Testament show that believers would come to GOD from every nation and gentiles would serve HIM. Now, a number of believers are coming to GOD from every nation and gentiles are serving HIM. GOD's programme of worldwide evangelization began on the day of Pentecost-the fiftieth day since our LORD JESUS CHRIST's resurrection from the dead and it is in progress.

In the prophetic verse Revelation 12:1, "woman" signifies the glorious church of GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Ephesians 5:27; Hebrews 12:23). Now, in Jeremiah 6:26, our LORD GOD calls HIS people or HIS church as "O daughter of MY people" and in Zechariah 9:9 HE calls HIS people or HIS church as "O daughter of Zion" and "O daughter of Jerusalem". Thus woman signifies HIS church or HIS people.
Now, in Revelation 14:4, we read, "These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins". In this, the word "women" mentions all ungodly and unholy and apostate churches of this world.

And in Revelation 17:4, we read, "And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication".  In this, the word "woman" signifies all false religious systems and beliefs and denominations, all atheistic beliefs and all ungodly and unholy and apostate churches of this world.
"The sun" signifies the Sun of Righteousness, the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST (Psalm 84:11; Malachi 4:2; St. Luke 1:78-79).

"A woman clothed with the sun" signifies the church clothed with the Sun of Righteousness, the LORD JESUS CHRIST (Galatians 3:27).

“For as many of you as have been baptized into CHRIST have put on CHRIST.” 
Galatians 3:27

"Heaven" signifies the church having very high and very great revelations, as heaven is very high and very great.
"The moon" signifies the church, which has been separated from the world and worldly things, and it is having very high spiritual experiences. Further, the moon could not give the light by itself to the earth. But it reflects the light of the sun to the earth. As such, the church could not give the divine light of GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST by itself to the world. But it reflects the divine light of the Sun of Righteousness, the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST to the world. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!

"Twelve stars" signify the apostles of our LORD JESUS CHRIST and they also signify the church which continues steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread (in the LORD's Supper or in the Holy Communion) and in prayers (Acts 2:42) and in following the example of the apostles (I Corinthians 11:1-2; 4:15-16) and in walking according to the pattern of the apostles (Philippians 3:17).

"A crown of twelve stars" signifies the church having the power and reign of the apostles.
Now, the prophetic verse Revelation 12:2 signifies that the LORD JESUS CHRIST should be revealed to the whole world through HIS church. For this, great labours, pains, tribulations and efforts of HIS servants are required. So, many labourers or servants of GOD are required to do HIS ministry (St. Luke 10:2). The LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST will be revealed to the whole world by great labours, pains, tribulations and efforts of HIS servants only (Galatians 4:11, 19).

“My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until CHRIST be formed in you.” 
Galatians 4:19
“Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of CHRIST in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the church: Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of GOD which is given to me for you, to fulfil the Word of GOD.” 
Colossians 1:24-25

In the prophetic verse Revelation 12:3, "a great red dragon" signifies Satan, the devil. His red colour shows his murderous and wicked character (St. John 8:44). His seven heads, seven crowns and ten horns depict his worst restraining power and influence he has against the people of GOD or against the church of GOD.

In the prophetic verse Revelation 12:4, "the stars of heaven" signifies the servants of GOD of this world. The tail of the dragon, the devil drew one third of the servants of GOD of this world who transgressed the Word of GOD and threw them to the earth. They were fallen from their very high position to a very awful and low position in hell. What a pitiable thing it is! So, the servants of GOD of this world should be very careful in doing HIS ministry. Apostle James also warns:

“My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.” 
James 3:1
Satan, the devil is called "the angel of the bottomless pit".

“…Which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”  
Revelation 9:11

St. Peter calls him the adversary, the devil (I Peter 5:8). He is the wicked one (St. Matthew 13:19). He is the ruler of the darkness (Ephesians 6:12) and the god of this age (II Corinthians 4:4). The Pharisees called him Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons (St. Matthew 12:24). St. Paul uses the name Belial to indicate Satan, the wicked one (II Corinthians 6:15).

Satan, the devil is always an enemy to the people of GOD or the church of GOD (I Peter 5:8). He is the greatest enemy to the church of GOD or the people of GOD. Our LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST crushed the head of Satan, the devil on the cross at Calvary (Genesis 3:15). Again, our LORD JESUS CHRIST gives HIS great power and strength to HIS glorious church or to HIS people to crush the tail and other parts of Satan, the devil under their feet (Romans 16:20). Hence, the gates of hell will not overcome HIS glorious church (St. Matthew 16:18).

"The dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born" means that Satan, the devil is always against the church of GOD or the people of GOD, opposing them vehemently trying to destroy and swallow them up.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”  
I Peter 5:8

The latter part of the prophetic verse Revelation 12:4 and the prophetic verse Revelation 12:5 have no connection with each other. The latter part of the prophetic verse Revelation 12:4 tells about the glorious church. But the prophetic verse Revelation 12:5 tells about our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. Now, at this juncture, everyone should know what the nature of the prophetic Word of the LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST is. Isaiah 28:13 clearly says,

“But the Word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; …”  
Isaiah 28:13

Hence, it is very difficult to understand the spiritual meaning of a prophetic word. Only the true spiritual people can understand the correct spiritual meaning of a prophetic Word of GOD. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!

Again, the "man-Child" is CHRIST, destined to rule all nations (Revelation 19:15-16; Psalm 2:6-9). At the time of the birth of CHRIST, Satan was ready to kill HIM. When HE was a child, he tried to kill HIM through Herod, the king. After that also he was ready to kill HIM in many ways. But, he could not.

Further, Satan, the adversary sought to implement his scheme through Herod the great. He made Herod slaughter all the male children aged two and under, in and around Bethlehem (St. Matthew 2:13-18). Satan, the devil tempted CHRIST by promising to give HIM the world's kingdom without any suffering (St. Matthew 4:1-11). Judas Iscariot also was influenced by Satan, the devil and made a tool to betray our LORD JESUS CHRIST so that GOD's plan of salvation might be prevented. Satan, the devil also used the Jewish leaders to thwart our LORD JESUS CHRIST's redemptive mission. Even now, Satan, the adversary continues consistently in his attempts to oppose CHRIST through false and twisted gospels (Galatians 1:6-9; I John 4:1-4).

Apostle Peter admonishes believers to be of sober spirit and be on the alert as the adversary, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking to devour believers (I Peter 5:8).

Satan and his demons always try to attack individual believers through sinful desires and alluring world system and through temptations, proposals, questions, lies, attacks and doubts (Ephesians 6:16).

Satan, the tempter is crouching to capture the believers. Apostle Paul recognized Satan's crafty ways in bringing about disharmony in the family relationships.

“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. The wife hath not power of (authority over) her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of (authority over) his own body, but the wife. Defraud (Deprive) ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency (lack of self-control).”   
I Corinthians 7:3-5

Prayer requires us to be free from persons, matters and things. The prayer that requires staying away from the spouse for a time must be special and of great importance.

In these last days, pastors and members of the church are susceptible to attacks by Satan, the devil. Just as Satan, the devil entered into Judas, he subtly influences the pastors and the believers who are weak in their faith. Through them, he causes internal and external problems, endangering the unity of the church.

Eve, though in the perfectly sinless atmosphere of the garden of Eden, easily became a victim to Satan's vile and cunning designs. Is it not far easier for him to entice and deceive gullible people who live in a sin-saturated world contaminated and polluted and dominated by a TV and internet culture. Expecting all these and more, apostle Paul admonishes us against the deception of Satan, the devil.

“But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in CHRIST.” 
II Corinthians 11:3

Further, our LORD JESUS CHRIST came into the world to save sinners (I Timothy 1:15). HE is the TRUE GOD (I John 5:20). HE is the Saviour of the world (St. Luke 2:11). HE came down from heaven to take the place of all of us sinners and to pay for all our sins with HIS own blood (I John 1:7, 9). HE died for us and on the third day HE rose again from the dead (St. Luke 24:5-7). HE appeared to HIS disciples and HIS followers for forty days (Acts 1:3; I Corinthians 15:3-7). Thus, HE clearly proved that HE really was alive. After giving HIS final instructions to HIS followers and disciples, HE returned to heaven to prepare a place for those who believe in HIM (St. John 14:3) and to rule over all things (Hebrews 1:3; St. Matthew 28:18). Before HIS ascension into heaven, HE promised that HE would come again with power and great glory (St. Matthew 24:30) to judge the living and the dead (Acts 10:42).

Those who believe in HIM and those who are saved will enjoy all the glory and splendour of heaven with the LORD JESUS CHRIST for ever and ever (St. John 3:16; Revelation 21:24). Those who reject and those who are not saved will be judged and they will be cast into eternal hell-fire to suffer for ever and ever (St. Matthew 25:41; II Thessalonians 1:9; Revelation 21:8).

Our LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST will rule all the nations of the world with a rod of iron. When HE came for the first time, HE did not rule all the nations of the world but HE will, one day. HE was caught up unto GOD and to HIS throne at HIS ascension into heaven (Acts 1:9; Hebrews 1:8; Ephesians 4:10) and HE had confirmed that the work of atonement had been finished.

Again, in the prophetic verse Revelation 12:6, "the woman" refers to the church of GOD and "the wilderness" signifies the sufferings of GOD's people in this world. During the time of their tribulations, even in the Great Tribulation period also, GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST will prepare a place to nourish them. Praise The LORD! Alleluia!


GOD has created gold and silver intending them to be used as coins and not intending to be used as jewellery or ornaments. Gold is a very precious metal because of its extreme malleability, ductility and durability. In contemporary society, the value of gold is used as a standard for the value of currency. The gold standard is a monetary system in which the value of money is assigned on the value of gold. The gold reserve is the stock of gold held by a country's central bank. In international financial transactions, the economic stability of a country is determined by its stock of gold in its treasury.

Further, GOD has given us gold to make gold articles like spoons and dishes used at meals, and to coat another metal with gold to protect it. And GOD has made silver available to us to make silver articles like knives, forks, dishes, etc., used at meals, and HE has made it as an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, to be used in electrical contacts and for electroplating tableware. And GOD has made diamond, the hardest known mineral, highly prized as a gemstone to be used in cutting tools, etc., and not to use it as jewellery.

Again, GOD has created gold, silver, pearls, and other precious metals and precious stones, intending to be used for the glory of GOD HIMSELF, by decorating HIS temple or HIS House of Prayer (I Chronicles 29:1-9; II Chronicles 3; 4; 5:1).

Now, the gates of heaven are the pearly gates (Revelation 21:21).  The wall of heaven is of jasper, the most precious jewel (Revelation 21:11, 18). The foundations of the wall of the city of heaven are adorned with all kinds of precious stones (Revelation 21:19). The city of heaven is pure gold, like clear glass (Revelation 21:18); and the street of the city is also pure gold, like transparent glass (Revelation 21:21).

Now, let us ponder a little on whether or not wearing jewellery aids to glorify GOD.
We live in an empty, aimless world which is becoming more and more godless. Social values have been turned upside down. Moral values have been deteriorating deplorably. People chase after objects of self-gratification. Wherever we turn, we find lawlessness, moral degeneracy and depravity. Biblical christianity is shunned everywhere. Real Christians have to live their godly living in the midst of this hostile and reviling TV and film dominated culture.

In this background, when a believer goes out wearing gold ornaments, costly costume and strong perfumes, she is unnecessarily attracting the attention of others. We find a lot of people who like and deliberately choose this style of living. But, should GOD's children imitate them is the question.

One of the motives of an unbeliever in adorning with expensive jewellery and showy attire is to exhibit and establish her status. It may be the outcome of her inferiority complex. However, a believer who has committed herself wholly need not be concerned about any of these insecure feelings. Her security is in GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST. She cares more for her inner being than for her external appearance which is corruptible and perishable. This does not mean that she should totally ignore or neglect her hair or dress. She should not keep her hair unkempt or untidy or dishevelled. She should keep her hair neatly combed. She should dress herself properly, decently in simple and neat clothes with modesty, propriety and moderation.

Is jewellery one of the basic necessities of life? Not at all. Actually it causes more harm than good. Any woman decked with jewels is likely to be the target of robbers, thieves and rowdy elements and may bring terrible disaster and even death to her life. Even, keeping jewels at home is very risky nowadays. Why don't people realize all these adverse effects?

Some people, especially those who are newly married wrongly think that jewels can be pledged to get money in an emergency situation. This argument is not valid since people can always safely deposit their extra money in a bank whenever they can and increase their income also.

GOD does not want HIS children to be enslaved to Satan, the devil or to become victims of his evil designs. The desire to buy gold and silver is irresistible with many believers. But, GOD does not want HIS children to be endangered by evil and HE warns them to abandon the insatiable craving for ornaments.

Furthermore, decorating with the ornaments of gold or silver or pearls or precious stones or costly dresses is one of the three great sins mentioned in the Holy Bible-the pride of life (I John 2:16). The pride of life is one of the greatest sins which produces the other two great sins-the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh (I John 2:16). The Fall of Adam and Eve was due to these three sins. What a pitiable thing it is!

Now, if one has no pride of life, then he/she has no desire to wear any kind of ornament. Due to the pride of life, people wear various kinds of ornaments and other things. Only due to the pride of life people adorn themselves with various kinds of ornaments and with other things. Only due to the pride of life, people beautify their outward body with various kinds of ornaments and with other things. Beautifying the external (outward body) with various kinds of ornaments and other things is neglecting the inward, the internal being (the soul). No one should neglect his/her inner being, the soul by adorning the outward with various kinds of ornaments and with other things. If one wears ornaments and other things, then he/she commits the sin of the vanity of life. This ugly sin produces the other two ugly sins-the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh. What a dangerous thing it is!

Now, no one should wear any costly clothing (I Timothy 2:9; I Peter 3:3), or any changeable suits of apparel-the festal apparel (Isaiah 3:22), or any shining dress (Isaiah 3:24), or any attire of a harlot-   very thin soft and ugly garment to show his/her fleshly body awkwardly (Proverbs 7:10). A woman should not wear men's clothing, and a man should not wear women's clothing, for all who do so are an abomination to the LORD our GOD (Deuteronomy 22:5).

In fact, all the ornaments of gold or silver or pearls or precious stones placed on the head or any other part of the body of any male or female are of no value compared to the meek and quiet spirit (I Peter 3:4). The meek and quiet spirit is eternal; and the other is passing.

Further, the passage I Timothy 2:9-10 clearly condemns all these styles, ornament or dress and demands to dress modestly and discreetly with shamefacedness (decency) and sobriety (propriety), not with braided hair or gold or silver or pearls or precious stones or costly clothing or other things, but with good works, appropriate for women who profess godliness. Women or men are not to dress immodestly. Either women or men should not be with braided hair or gold or silver or pearls or precious stones or costly clothing or other things. Their proper dress should confirm their Christian testimony and behaviour.

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.” 
I Timothy 2:9-10

Now, women's having long hair is intended by GOD for their glory and as a sign of their submission to GOD's will and wish (I Corinthians 11:15). But, it is misused by many, especially by those who live in luxurious and corrupt life. Besides, they beautify their lustful flesh by adorning it extravagantly with gold and other costly things. Everyone should absolutely abstain from these GOD-condemned practices.

Our most beloved GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST is altogether lovely (Song of Solomon 5:16). the SPIRIT of GOD, the HOLY SPIRIT lives in HIS people and makes HIS people altogether lovely-internally and externally (Philippians 4:8) without any cost. Then, where is the need for wearing the artificial external ornaments with cost? No need at all. What is the use of beautifying one's outward body cosmetically with cost? No use at all.

Now, the material adornment of the plaiting of hair or the putting on of gold or silver or pearls or precious stones or costly dresses is the outward adornment and it is corruptible. But, everyone should have the incorruptible adornment of a meek and quiet spirit in his/her hidden man of the heart. Our inward man or the inner man or the soul should be adorned with a meek and quiet spirit. This glorious spiritual adornment is very precious in the sight of GOD. This glorious incorruptible adornment is very precious in the sight of GOD. The man or the woman is to emphasize his/her inner qualities, not his/her outer appearance. The references to adorning are the strict prohibitions against jewellery and dress.

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of GOD of great price. For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in GOD, adorned them-selves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters (children) ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement (terror).” 
I Peter 3:3-6

The proud and fashionable women are strongly condemned by our LORD GOD through the prophet Isaiah, since they walk with heads held high and with mincing steps, tinkling the anklets on their feet; and they have flashing seductive eyes; and they decorate themselves with many ornaments, costly things and dresses. The prophet predicts that the women who delight in these corruptible things of feminine accessories will be severely punished and finally they will be damned. In the same manner, the men who delight in these corruptible things of feminine accessories will also be severely punished and finally they will be damned to perdition.

“Moreover the LORD saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet: Therefore the LORD will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the LORD will discover their secret parts. In that day the LORD will take away the bravery of their tinkling ornaments about their feet, and their cauls, and their round tires like the moon, The chains, and the bracelets, and the mufflers, The bonnets, and the ornaments of the legs, and the headbands, and the tablets, and the earrings, The rings, and nose jewels, The changeable suits of apparel, and the mantles, and the wimples, and the crisping pins, The glasses, and the fine linen, and the hoods, and the veils. And it shall come to pass, that instead of sweet smell there shall be stink; and instead of a girdle a rent; and instead of well set hair baldness; and instead of a stomacher a girding of sackcloth; and burning instead of beauty.“
Isaiah 3:16-24

Everyone should loose himself/herself from the bonds of ornaments of his/her neck or nose or ears or hands or legs or fingers or arms or hip or head or breast, etc., (Isaiah 52:2). No one should defile his/her body, by covering or decorating his/her body with silver or gold or any other thing and everyone should cast them away as a menstrual cloth (Isaiah 30:22).

Further, these ornaments become their idols in their hearts (Ezekiel 14:3). Those who deck themselves with ornaments have forgotten GOD and are going after their lovers-Satan, the devil and his minions (Hosea 2:13). Covetousness in respect of ornaments and other things is idolatry (Colossians 3:5). The ornamental and abominable adornments of the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth are clearly depicted in Revelation 17:4-5.

No one should wear a wedding ring or a wedding chain or any other thing to show their marital status, since the wife is bound by the law of the LORD as long as her husband lives and the husband is also bound by the law as long as his wife lives. The law of the LORD has dominion over them as long as they live (I Corinthians 7:39; Romans 7:1-2). Hence, no other symbol or sign, except the law of the LORD, is essential to show their marital status. So, they should not be bound by any wedding ring or wedding chain or any other thing.

Our LORD GOD has severely condemned HIS people through the man of GOD, Moses to take off their ornaments. So they stripped themselves of their ornaments by the mount Horeb. Adorning with ornaments is very hateful to GOD. Adorning with ornaments will bring the terrible wrath of GOD. Adorning with ornaments will cause terribly disastrous results. Adorning with ornaments will bring great destruction. Those who adorn with ornaments are the stiff-necked people. Hence, they will be consumed completely by the wrath of GOD.

“For the LORD had said unto Moses, Say unto the children of Israel, Ye are a stiffnecked people: I will come up into the midst of thee in a moment, and consume thee: therefore now put off thy ornaments from thee, that I may know what to do unto thee. And the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments by the mount Horeb.“
Exodus 33:5-6

The false church, the one world material church or the one world Ecumenical church or the Roman Catholic church with all other false religious systems and beliefs and denominations and all atheistic beliefs and all ungodly and unholy and apostate churches of this world, is described as a great whore or prostitute (Revelation 17:1) decked with all worldly splendour whose illicit relations are achieved by intoxication of abominations and filthiness of fornication and other evil deeds (Revelation 14:8; 17:4-5). Decked with gold, silver, precious stones, pearls, etc., and dressed in unwanted clothes with unwanted colours are the decorations of the bride of antichrist; they are the decorations of the bride of Satan, the devil (Revelation 17:4-5).

Since our LORD JESUS CHRIST gave HIMSELF for our sins, HE alone might deliver us from this present evil world of wickedness (Galatians 1:4-5; Ephesians 2:2; 6:12). As our LORD JESUS CHRIST is not of this world, HIS people should not be of this world (St. John 17:13-16). As our LORD JESUS CHRIST has overcome this world, we should also overcome this world (St. John 16:33). So, we should hate all our vainglory, pride and self-will in decorating ourselves with the outward adornments of jewellery and costly clothing and we should decorate ourselves with the inward adornments of meek and quiet spirit (I Peter 3:3-6). Glory be to GOD!

In spite of what we have discussed so far, if any believer is still enticed to artificial external ornaments and persists in the heathen ways, let her/him answer the following ten eliminating questions and be convinced of what is wrong and what is right and what is pleasing to GOD and what is abominable to HIM. May the LORD's grace touch those stiff-necked and hardened souls!

Ten eliminating questions.

  1. Does our external adornment glorify GOD?
  2. Does it bring us near to or far away from GOD?
  3. Does it help us to fight against or fall to temptation?
  4. Does it edify or enslave?
  5. Does it help to spread the Gospel?
  6. Does it help to become Christ-like?
  7. Is it characteristic of the world or of the FATHER?
  8. Is there any real benefit?
  9. Is it wise?
  10. Is it safe?
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